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Flaming Imps Racing all started back in 2011 when during the second race at Croft Nostalgia weekend Colin had a severe engine failure which resulted in a very large fireball chasing him down the main straight. The marshals managed to extinguish the flames after using 4 fire extinguishers and saved the car. He has a huge respect for these people. This was going to be the end of racing for him as he had had numerous silly engine failures up to then. The main issues being the age of the parts that are being used along with the stresses that they are being put under. After approximately a two year process we had come up with a solution and started the ball rolling with re-casting one of the original Rootes 5-bearing imp blocks, with a few tweaks to make it hopefully even more reliable. Along with the new casting came new forged I beam con rods, knife edged lightened and balanced EN40B crankshaft and new forged intruder pistons all manufactured to our designs. With the new engine together and the carburetors adjusted for fuelling it was time to run it on our Dyno Dynamics dyno to check the power output. We are now up to 120hp at the wheels from this 1050cc engine from 100hp at the wheels with the old engine.

Some of the services that we are able to offer are race car building and preparation, engine building and tuning and classic car maintenance. Please view our services page for further details.

Images courtesy of Dave Ross

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