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We are able to offer a varierty of services for either your race car or road car.

Engine Performance checks and mapping

We have a 1000hp DynaPack chassis dyno that can be used to perform power runs and check for engine faults at set engine speeds. With an ever expanding knowledge of engine mapping that this is ever increasing with the aid of HP Academy. As well as carrying out mapping to standalone ECU's we would be willing to rent this out if you wanted to remap your own engine. We have all the equipment to be able to check the fuelling along with knock.

Chassis setup

This is a major part of the car that is quite often overlooked to a certain degree. There is no black art to this but a case of ascertaining the driving style of the individual and then altering the spring rates and pre-loads, damper bound and rebound settings and caster, toe and camber settings and finally balancing the car front to back and side to side to best suit that driving style. This work can all be carried out by us using a set of corner scales, a castor/camber gauge and a stinging set.

Engine Building

We are currently have a dedicated area to engine building and are in the process of building a dedicated temperature controlled engine build room. With a methodical approach there is no engine too big or small that can't be built by us. We have contacts who are able to carry out precise machining for decking blocks and skimming heads along with line boring and liner inserts. To make sure that the best performance is reached from your engine it is first built up dry with all clearances checked before being stripped back down for machining. Once all of this has been carried out the engine is then fully assembled using an assembly lube to further protect your engine on start up until oil pressure is properly created.

Race car build and preparation

We are currently in the process of building a Jenson C-V8 for the historic touring car championship, along with this a Hillman Imp was converted form a road car to a race car and raced by myself for a number of years. My latest Hillman Imp had a refresh a couple of years back, upgrading the radiator when the new engine was installed. New hubs were designed by myself and manufactured to accept the new wheels that took over from the tiring light weight magnesium wheels to give the correct offset without the need for spacers. We also carried out preparation work on another Hillman Imp that races in the Historic Touring Car Championship and have built the race engine for this car as well.

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