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Appendix K Ford Mustang 289

One of the guys we have raced with in the HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship asked if we could sort out some issues he was having with the breather setup on for the Windsor 289 engine and also whether it was possible to fit an electric radiator fan to aid cooling on the cool down lap and whilst driving through the pits as the mechanical fan that he had didn't have the cowling around it to allow the fan to pull the air through the radiator. We were given some different rocker covers that had the correct threaded boss to take us to a -10AN fitting, a correctly sized oil catch can was ordered along with the fittings and breather hose. The new setup allowed each bank of the V to breath directly to the oil catch can that had a -12AN drain back to the sump. The radiator cooling fan was next and after searching the internet we came across a radiator fan that would fit directly to the standard radiator (which has to be used in this class). Bolting the new radiator fan in place it came apparent that it wouldn't be a straight swap as there was a good chance that the shaft from the water pump that the original fan was sat on would clash with the new electric fan, this was measured and trimmed and now had good clearance. Whilst we were working on the cooling system we spotted that the air vents at the back of the block were showing signs of heat degradation. We had a conversation with the owner and it was decided to replace and upgrade the bleed back to the radiator. Now sporting the new catch can, radiator fan and air bleed the car is back in action in the Historic Touring Car Championship.

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