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Hillman Imp 3 and 5 Bearing block

In 2012 we set about recasting and manufacturing an original Routes 5 bearing block for the Hillman Imp. Although based around the original casting additions were made from later blocks to improve the strength and reliability further. With all the works that were carried out, an EN40B knife edged and super finished crank shaft was made along with a new set of wet liners that were designed to give the engine a closed deck and stop liner walk. New I beam rods were manufactured to accept the newly designed high compression intruder pistons which have a different compression height to the standard pistons. The original race engine set up was a 1040cc engine with 100hp at the wheels, the new set up took us to a 1050cc engine (limited for the race regulations) with 120hp at the wheels. The images show a short block being made up. We have had the new pattern made so that either a 3 bearing block can be cast or a 5 bearing block. If you are interested we are able to sell you a complete short block for your race or road car, email us for further information.

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