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Jensen C-V8

Having just sold his half share of an Appendix K Ford Mustang, The customer approached us and asked if we could build up his newly bought Jensen C-V8 into a Class 1 Historic Touring Car. The car was a non runner that he had bought in an auction. The engine was brought to us first to strip down and asses the damage. This is a 1960's Chrysler 383 cu in B block that was fitted to numerous American muscle cars and has the reputation of being a torque monster. The engine slowly came apart having taken photos as it progressed. The pistons were well seized in the bores and it took a sledge hammer and a piece of oak to knock them out. The sump pan was full of congealed oil that had not been drained from when it stopped running some thirty years ago. Once fully stripped Duel Performance were contacted in Wales due to their extensive knowledge in American V8's. The block is being acid dipped to remove all the corrosion in the water ways before being put into a patisserie to alleviate any stresses and to bring it back to an as refreshed engine as possible. The cylinder heads are also having the same treatment and being ported and polished. The heads and block will then be shipped back to us ready to be built up with all new race parts, this list includes: Bespoke EN40B crankshaft, race camshaft, roller rockers, intruder pistons, race con rods, Holley carb, Edelbrock intake and all the other race goodies that are required.

The car is now finished but with a standard engine with aftermarket headers, Edlebrock intake manifold and Holley carb. With a few tweaks to the carb and the ignition set for standard timing we made a very healthy 357 wheel horse power at 4750rpm and 438 lbft of torque at the wheels at 3484rpm. It's now time for it to go racing and David to get to grips with a new car before the fully built race engine is assembled and installed ready for 2021 season.

Check back to see the progress of the engine build for this torque monster!

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