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Mitsubishi Evo 6 restoration

This Evo 6 was looking a bit sorry for itself sat on some ones drive way, after a year of initially seeing it and noticing that it hadn't moved I knocked the door and asked if it was for sale. After some negotiations money was exchanged and I took the car back to the work shop. The car was in slightly worse shape that first thought and after some deliberation we decided to rescue it rather than strip it for parts. We spoke to a small fabrication company and they took it on themselves to cut out and make good the inner and outer sills that had been shown a lot of abuse. Coming back to our work shop after the work had been carried out the bare metal was primed and then sprayed in a Raptor 2K body coating. The car now looks like new underneath after the suspension arms were cleaned up and re-coated with black Hammerite. The slipping clutch is next on the list followed by a new cam belt and service kit before a few of the dents and scuffs are knocked and polished out.

More to come in the future.

The clutch was the first job, not knowing what clutch and flywheel were in the car we decided to put a new lightweight flywheel and stage 3, 6 puck clutch. With the engine still in situ the gearbox just about comes out but it is a struggle. The clutch and flywheel were fitted and the gearbox reinstalled and the pull clutch leaver engaged. The gearbox and transfer case were filled up and then rechecked once settled. The cam belt was replaced which is equally as difficult with the engine in. All back together and the last thing on the list for the engine bay was to replace the leaking radiator. A new item was ordered and fitted along with the original radiator fan that was checked before re-installation. The bodywork was the next to address, the sun abused carbon vinyl wrap was removed from the roof and boot. There were a few little blemishes in the roof that were rubbed back, primed and then re-painted, the whole car was then DA'd with 2000 grit and then power polished back to a mirror finish. The interior was then cleaned and then photos taken ready to sell. The car was up for sale for less than a week before it was sold unseen and shipped off to Ireland.

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